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Pastor’s Ponderings: Be Strong in the Tough Times by Stephen Widener

The devotional is kind of based on how I’m feeling at the moment. In 2 Timothy 2:1, Paul is telling …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings: Are church songs scriptural?

I will give D. Ann Bailey a shout out and an assist for this devotion, for posting yesterday what I …Read the Rest

Pastors Ponderings: Where has the laughter gone?

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” I’m glad to share with you in this edition of Pastors Ponderings. …Read the Rest

What Job Didn’t Lose By Stephen Widener

This devotion is based on Job and what he didn’t lose. I’ll use Job 2:9 as a reference verse where Job’s …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings : Autocorrect vs Forgiveness

Let’s think about this, just for a moment: everything we put on the internet is there forever, isn’t it? Yes. …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings: Tearing Down or Building Up?

The devotion I take is from Gal. 6:2, “Bear one another’s burdens, and fulfill the law of Christ.” (my paraphrase) …Read the Rest

Too Busy For Christmas?

A Pastor’s Ponderings by Stephen Widener   I have been so busy lately, I really haven’t had time to even …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings

Surprises…or things that we may not be ready for 1 Samuel 17   Most of us know the story of …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings

In Rev. 3:16, Jesus is speaking to the Laodicean church and He says, “Because you are lukewarm, I will spew you …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings

Church signs. We see them on churches on the sides of streets and roads everywhere I travel. I remember when …Read the Rest

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