• Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

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Southern Gospel Music Radio SGM Radio is free & streams 24/7. Simply click Below :


Listen To Our Brand New Net Station HERE



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8 thoughts on “Listen to SGM Radio”
  1. I am a new listener to your website. I found it in a Google search. I really enjoy Southern Gospel music. Some of my favorites are Gaither Vocal Band and The Isaacs. I would like to see what you’re playing as you play it. Do you have that information available on your website? If not, would you consider adding it? Thanks.

  2. I love this station too and I have found that if you play this with Real Player then you will see all the info on each song. Lots of other features too that you will notice as well! Hope this helps! Tammy

  3. So happy to finally find Southern Gospel music on the internet. We are stationed overseas, and have been missing good, down home Southern Gospel Music. We have a lot to catch up on!! Three years deprived, and three minutes to revived!!! Thank you, Jesus!

  4. Is had been such a blessing to hear some great music!! No matter what time of the day I can go on here and take a listen to:)

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