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SGM Radio is a network of Southern Gospel and classic Southern Gospel stations that broadcasts exclusively via the internet.  SGM Radio has become a popular destination for all types of listeners and has been a tool to touch many lives.  SGM Radio strives to be a positive voice on the internet and a powerful tool in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We play the best in today’s Southern Gospel and classic Southern Gospel music.

SGM Radio exists to act as a vehicle in which to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savoir.  Through our music and shows, we hope to bring the Gospel to people who would not normally listen to Christian radio and to Countries where the Gospel is not readily available.  Through the internet, we are able to reach the world.

SGM Radio is also a great place for those of us who love good Southern Gospel and Christian Country music.  Programmed by an award winning staff, with you, the listener, in mind, SGM Radio provides uplifting music and ministry twenty-four hours a day.

5 thoughts on “About SGM Radio”
  1. Thank you so much for the blessing I receive through your radio. What an uplifting music indeed!! I live in Russia and I was very depressed one period of time. God providence led me somehow to find this music site. That day I leaped and danced till I had strength in my body!! What a healing!! Blessed be the Lord!!

  2. I’ve only been listening for about 6 months and I really love the uplifting music you play. Do you have a playlist? I would really love to get some CD’s to listen to, but I don’t know who the artists are.

    Thank you and I praise the Lord for your website.

    Randy Buck

  3. I am a listener in GUAM.
    Bless you folks at SGM radio!

    The music is just fantastic! I listen to it all day long, because it keeps me focused and joyful in the LORD even through the trials of life.

    May God continue to bless your ministry.

  4. We’ve been looking for some good, down home Southern Gospel Music on the internet. We are stationed on GUAM, and have been missing the sweet music. Three years deprived, three minutes to revived!! Thank you, Jesus!

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