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Joshua Horrell
Joshua Horrell

Joshua Horrell is the tenor singer for Declaration from Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from the coast of North Carolina, Josh was saved at an early age and started singing Gospel music with his family. Josh, an only child, grew up singing and traveling and started on stage at the age of two. His mother, Cheryl, sang with The Biney English Family. His father, Richard, played drums for the Dixie Melody Boys and his Grandma, Janice Horrell, also has a group. He travelled with her for eight years before moving to Nashville in April of 2011 to pursue full time ministry with Declaration. Josh’s biggest fan is watching over him from Heaven. His Mawmaw, Mary Ruth Cottle, always knew he would be a full time singer. She passed away November 3, 2010.


Josh is winning people over with his powerful tenor voice, charismatic personality and sincere spirit.  He is an asset to the ministry of Declaration and thankful to be using his talents for the cause of Christ.



Josh Horrell’s Fast Five Facts


What is your favorite vacation spot?

 Disney has become my favorite vacation spot. My first time going was with Declaration in January of 2013 and my plan is to return soon and take my family.


Where is your favorite place to eat when you’re on the road?

 My favorite place to eat is Cracker Barrel.


Who is your favorite Southern Gospel group or singer?

 My favorite gospel group is a tough topic due to having multiple favorite groups. My favorite group of all time is The Perrys. They have become really dear friends of mine. The Booth Brothers are also another favorite. Not only are they great friends, but wonderful mentors. Lovingly, they took our group, Declaration, under their wings and allowed us to travel with them when we first started out. I am thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to be able to learn and grow by watching these godly men. I also love Greater Vision because they are talented, have great songs and are an encouraging bunch of Christian gentlemen.


What is your favorite thing to do when you’re off the road?

 I’d have to say my favorite thing to do when I’m off the road is to be at church on Wednesday nights. I attend College Heights Baptist Church in Gallatin, Tennessee. Pastor Mark Grubb is our senior pastor and is a great man of God. Steve Hurst, of the Steve Hurst School of Music, is our music director, my vocal coach and friend. Our church has a sweet spirit and is filled with wonderful people who are constantly encouraging our ministry.


What advice would you offer to other young adults about getting into the ministry?

 Being on the road can be difficult. Lots of late and sometimes sleepless nights. It’s important to get as much rest as possible and take care of yourself. I’m learning to do that on the road and at home as well. Most importantly, we need to have a continual and ever growing walk with the Lord, time in His word and prayer so we can know God better and be effective ministers. I would also say, study your craft and never quit learning and growing.


[Author’s note: **I’d like to personally wish Josh a very Happy Birthday on the 22nd of February! :)**]


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Kerry McLellan
Kerry McLellan

Kerry McLellan

Kerry lives in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, where she is involved with Compassion Canada, looking after her favorite young people and supervising her parents, Kelly and Mark McLellan, members of the Kingsway Quartet. She has been in and around Gospel music most of her life, and also lived and worked for The Greenes as a nanny. Kerry is known and loved by many of the young artists in Gospel music and hopes to highlight several on her series, Young Gospel's Fast Five Facts. Connect with Kerry on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kerrymclellan and Twitter kerry_mclellan