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Welcome to the “ever changing” SGM Radio website!

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Apr 2, 2010 ,

August 4, 2010 –

Hey all… We’re still working on making the site more accessible. Our new articles for August are coming this week & a more streamlined navigation so you can find your favorite columns quickly. Thanks for hanging with us! – Rob & staff

Welcome friends!

We’re so excited this month to be celebrating our 7th birthday that we decided to give a gift to you: an all-new website!

You will still be able to ‘click’ and listen to your favorite southern gospel music 24 hours a day… and you can also read your favorite monthly columns.

Now, you can also leave feedback for our writers, subscribe to us in your RSS feed, and easily browse our sister sites, like the SGM Radio Blog, SGN Scoops Magazine, and the Southern Styles Show.

Thank you for making our seven years wonderful… we look forward to many more!

Rob Patz for SGM Radio

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