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Reality Check: How To Be Steadfast

Reality Check: The Letter I received an email letter yesterday and it was unlike anything I had received before. I …Read the Rest

Miriam’s Story  

I am Miriam, the lame one. When I was little, I happened to fall in the way of the master’s …Read the Rest

Reality Check: Spring is Coming!

In my last Reality Check, I talked about being stuck in the middle of something that was life-altering. However, life …Read the Rest

Tell It To Jesus

Are you weary? Are you heavy-hearted? Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus. I’ve sung the lyrics to that …Read the Rest

Reality Check: Stuck In The Middle

I have to admit that the tune from the old ‘70’s song “Stuck In the Middle” is in my head …Read the Rest

Reality Check – God Allows

Who do you pray for? Do you have a written list like I do or can you just remember everyone …Read the Rest

Reality Check: Noah and Me

I am currently on a boat. Figuratively speaking of course, and it’s not a boat, it’s an ark. You may …Read the Rest

Reality Check: Christmas Delights

“May all your wishes come true…” We hear that phrase so often in Christmas songs, on Christmas cards and in …Read the Rest

Reality Check: Everybody Has Something

Since I’ve started being more vocal about my health journey, I find that I talk with more people about their …Read the Rest

Reality Check: I Beg Your Pardon, I Didn’t Promise That…

There is nothing quite like the soft patter of a gentle summer rain. I looked out of the window and …Read the Rest

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