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At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water; comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. Bryan and Yvonne Hutson married on December 30, 2009. They both have high profile and demanding careers. Their desire is not to have an “ordinary” marriage… but an “extraordinary” marriage by giving the extra degree of effort to their marriage and family. Their heart is for couples and for challenging spouses to honor their marriage and family commitments with the one extra degree of effort it takes to have an extraordinary marriage and family life. They began sharing life experiences through a blog called “Journey With Bryan and Y” in 2012. They are very real about the challenges we face individually, professionally, and as a couple. They desire to challenge and encourage fellow Christians through their personal experiences and through devotions. They have 4 wonderful children; Alexa, Jordan, Jake and Bailey..and Sophie the Kitty. Facebook: Visit Soul'd Out's website at

Flood Waters Rising

From B : At the time of this article, Texas is still reeling from Hurricane Harvey. Now, Florida and Georgia …Read the Rest

Get In The Room

From B: Marriage is a partnership. The good, bad and yes, even the ugly. In 2016, The Hutson house has …Read the Rest

Love Me Tender

From B: Intimacy. What does that word mean to you? The very nature of the word means different things to …Read the Rest

“What You Don’t Know”

From B: Years ago, I remember watching the movie; “Vantage Point.” The plot of the movie is about an assassination …Read the Rest

Houston …. We have a Problem

From B: In the movie “Apollo 13”, these words were uttered and a worldwide catchphrase began: “Houston, We Have A …Read the Rest

“In Sickness And In Health.”

From B: As Y and I were discussing this month’s article’s subject matter, we thought of the situation that I’ve …Read the Rest

“Be. Here. Now.”

From B: I love spending time with Y. Whether it’s in a hammock taking a nap, laying in our favorite …Read the Rest

“Blessed With A Mess.”

From B: For the last few years, Yvonne and I have been able to share our ministry (Rescue Me Ministries) …Read the Rest

“Be Careful Little Eyes What YOU See..”

From B: Yvonne and I have really labored over the content of this month’s article. However, with the recent development …Read the Rest

“Dependance Day!”

  From B: The Fourth of July has always been one of my personal favorite holidays. Mainly because my birthday …Read the Rest

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