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Younger Perspective on Conner and Bailey Hayes by Erin Stevens

Younger Perspective on Conner and Bailey Hayes by Erin Stevens
Younger Perspective on Conner and Bailey Hayes by Erin Stevens
Younger Perspective on Conner and Bailey Hayes by Erin Stevens

A word from Erin Stevens…

What’s better than one “younger perspective,” you ask? How about two? It’s a twin takeover, featuring the sons of Mylon and Wendy Hayes. Conner and Bailey’s lights shine brightly for the Lord, as they travel and sing with their family. Today they share from their hearts as their individual personalities lead the way. Are you ready, guys? We’re all ears.


Erin Stevens: For those that aren’t a twin, are not related to a twin, or haven’t spent much time around twins, what are some insights and fun facts you can share about being your own, unique self while still having a look-a-like to enjoy life with?


Conner Hayes: It really is fun to be a twin and have a built in best friend. We are very similar in many ways, but our personalities are sometimes complete opposites. I can be a very quiet and reserved person, while Bailey is a little more talkative and outgoing; we balance each other out well.


Bailey Hayes: Even though we are so alike, we are different—our hair parts on opposite sides; our vocal ranges are opposite, in the fact that he sings bass and I sing tenor. Whenever we are shopping, everything I pick out is always more expensive than what he picks out. Even without looking at the price tag, his purchases come out cheaper. Conner tells me I have expensive taste, but I prefer to think I enjoy the finer things.


Conner Hayes

Conner Hayes

Stevens: Who is older and by how many minutes?


Conner: I am the oldest, but only by one minute. I try to tell Bailey to respect his elder, but he doesn’t seem to like that very much.


Stevens: From school subjects, to hobbies, musical interests, and even favorite foods, where are you different in these areas?


Bailey: In school, we had the same strengths and weaknesses. In our hobbies, we are really the same, so we’re identical twins in those areas. But we are a little different in music; Conner is a drummer and I don’t have enough coordination to drum, but I do play the bass guitar. My brother has no clue how to play a stringed instrument. When it comes to food, he hates cheese and I love cheese, he likes green beans and I don’t necessarily care for them, but in almost all other foods, we like and dislike the same things.


Stevens: What are the most entertaining (and comical) comments fans have made to you two over the years? 


Conner: It’s a head scratcher when people come up and ask if we’re twins. When Dad introduces us from stage, he mentions the fact that we are twins, but we still get that question every night.


Bailey: When fans come up and ask if we are brothers, I still have to laugh. We do get a lot of people asking which one is the smartest, to which I answer, “I am,” and which one is the meanest, which I answer, “He is,”…problem is, he says the same thing.


Bailey Hayes

Bailey Hayes

Stevens: Golf or baseball? Being at home or on the road? Neck ties or bow ties? Salty or sweet tooth? Biking or hiking?


Conner: Definitely baseball. I’m terrible at golf.

I love being on the road. I get excited to pack up and go somewhere new.

Neckties are my go-to.

I have a bad sweet tooth. Candy and chocolate are my weaknesses.

I absolutely love to hike, especially with friends.


Bailey: I am a huge baseball fan.

I have to go with the road. I love traveling to new places and meeting new people. Living out of a suitcase is the best.

I love a good neck tie. I like to shop for unique patterns and colors in my ties.

Sweets. Kit Kats and Milky Ways are a bad weakness of mine.

I enjoy hiking. Hiking up a mountain or by a river are some of my favorite outdoor pastimes.


The Hayes Family performs at NQC 2017

The Mylon Hayes Family performs at NQC 2017

Stevens: Is there a song off your latest album that speaks to you personally? If so, why does its message specifically impact your heart when you sing it?


Connor: I love the song “God, Give Us Christian Homes” off our “Hymns And Classics Vol. 2” record. I was very blessed to grow up in a Christian home, with parents who loved the Lord and strived to teach us kids to live for Jesus. I hope to one day follow in the footsteps of my father, raise a Christian family, and be the kind of man that God wants me to be.


Stevens: How would you encourage other teenage boys as they try to fit in, while still upholding a godly example to their peers?


Bailey: My encouragement to other teen guys would be: Don’t compromise your faith or your convictions just to be cool. God has placed you where you are to be an example to others and shine a light for him. People may ridicule you for your faith, but you will make a larger impact on those people by walking the walk in front of them.


Erin Stevens

Erin Stevens

Closing thoughts from Erin Stevens…

We live in troubled times. Our faith is tested on every side. The temptation to give in to the ways of the world can be strong at times, but that is why we put our trust in the one who made the way straight for us to follow. Just as Bailey said, we may be ridiculed for our beliefs, yes, but we are striving to one day experience that great, eternal reward. Press on, friends. It will be worth it in the end.

And that’s my take on it.

Until next month, Scoops fans.

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