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Christian Author Releases Inspiring Story

ByRob Patz

Apr 3, 2018 ,
Christian Author Releases Inspiring Story
Christian Author Releases Inspiring Story

CALIMESA, Calif., – Author Walker James has released the first book of a series, called Perspectives. The first title, “What Does God Want,” provides ninety four perspectives on how to obtain a to obtain a closer, deeper, more loving relationship with God. Released on January 29, 2018, the book details his first and second son born with Mixed-Cerebral Palsy and drives home an inspirational story of trial, doubt, and reawakening.

Author James’ outlook makes it possible for any reader to discover what matters most in life. “Anyone who has doubts about God, lacks inspiration, motivation, or confidence can find value in this book to change their perspective” says James. “If the reader can take a single perspective to benefit their life, then all my life challenges served a purpose.”

Walker has spent years studying the Bible and reading hundreds of books by well-known Christian authors. He has been a disciple of Jesus Christ since the age of 15 and through his devotion and perseverance, has fought internal struggles to find a closer, deeper, and more intimate relationship with God.

More information, or to schedule an interview with the author, please visit walkerjamesauthor.com or email us at walkerjamesauthor@gmail.com.