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Being Unified Within Ourselves

bushtrail twoLast month we touched briefly on the oneness of God and the divine truth that as our Creator, Redeemer and Friend that he is both totally unified and complete within Himself and desires the same for us as his human creation ( John 17:21).

There is never any area where what God is in His base essence is ever separated from what He does or how He acts, thereby ensuring that His Oneness is intact in all things at all times.

At times in our human journey we, however, can feel disconnected from our true selves, experiencing a sense of malaise or a spirit of un-wellness that somehow tells us we are not complete or whole within ourselves or our emotions even if we are privileged to enjoy good physical health.

At times we can feel very conflicted over events, circumstances or people who are part of what we are and to which we may not always have the power to change the negative dynamics that come with these things.

Because of this, we only need to look around and see that we live in a society where being tranquilized to get through the day or to be able to sleep at night is the norm for millions as the ever increasing, various stressors in life in the 3 areas mentioned in the preceding paragraph take their toll on the human psyche/spirit.

How we wish as a race of people that each one would have the capacity to successfully embrace all the challenges of life and yet remain in a state of tranquility and peace at all times.Rock Garden _3

However, unravelling the incessant stressors that are a part of who we are and finding/keeping our oneness with ourselves and God can be done but not without rigorous self-examination and a complete reliance on the Lord to help us through.

For the sake of brevity let’s just look at one principle today in regards to oneness within ourselves and follow-up with more info in future articles. Today’s principle to consider is: “Our values system.”

James 1:8 says: “…a double minded man is unstable in all he does.” How true. I would like to add to that  “ a double minded man is also unstable in how he/she thinks and feels”.

Perhaps nothing  disconnects us from our true selves and God than saying/believing one thing but acting in ways that are contrary to those things.

When the human psyche/spirit becomes divided against itself in relation to belief versus actions, a disconnect within oneself of some sort will inevitably happen. That is why when someone gets involved in a behavior of some type where concerns of moral correctness arise, the damage to the spirit within the person is often already taking place in the form of unsettledness, distraction and not at all being at peace with oneself.

Being at one with oneself and our Creator has a direct correlation to what we internalize as our basic belief system and what translates out of our daily actions. The two cannot be separated. Our conscience as given to us by God stands as the great sentinel to this eternal truth along with the presence of the Holy Spirit within us as believers.

That being said, no one can claim to be totally free of the pull of the sin nature manifested in all of its’ various forms even if one claims to be saved.

The words of Paul in Romans Ch. 7 can often ring true where he exclaims that every time he sought to do good, evil was right there with him. (vs. 21).

How good it is to know though that Jesus has paid the full price for all our sins, past, present and future; yet the daily act of surrendering ourselves fully to Him cannot be ignored, as well as the process of rigorous self-examination that asks Him to shed a light into any intentional or secret sins that divide us against Him, or ourselves and to leave those things behind.

If we are feeling a sense of disconnection or not being at one with ourselves and God, this I believe is the first place to begin. Once this process is engaged in on a regular basis we will be amazed how much inner tranquility and peace we will experience within ourselves and with him as our loving Lord.

Other areas we will cover in future articles but for now may we all live daily in the complete freedom God has given to each of us so that we may fully experience being one with Him and ourselves in everything. It is every believer’s privilege and joy to be an inheritor of such a great blessing!

By Victor Cyr

Victor Cyr
Victor Cyr


Victor works as Director For Community Services with Mission Services Hamilton in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a former pastor/officer working for The Salvation Army from 1987-2010. He enjoys creative writing, workouts at the gym and being a dad to his two adult children.