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Of Drawing Close And Hearing God’s Voice By Heather Vanderkruk

By Guest Writer Heather Vanderkruk

Dwell on this: the Creator and Master of the universe designed you and wants to have a relationship with you. He did not make your body, soul and spirit and then leave you to flounder about in this life. He made you with the capacity of actually communing with Him. We don’t deserve to be connected to an Almighty God because of our sin, but guess what? We get to anyway. God desires to speak to us. He longs to share the secrets of life with us. He wants to reveal His plan for our lives! How often do we wander this earth, fixating on things that don’t matter or waste precious time?

Being raised in the church means you hear this stuff your whole life. That makes it wonderful, but it can also take the power out of it. If I heard the above information for the first time, at thirty-eight years old, I would be astounded and awe-struck! Since I’ve grown up with this profound knowledge, I’ve had the privilege of practicing it but also the unfortunate opportunity to dismiss and down-play it. What a terrible tragedy! That is why we need mentors, accountability, retreats and regular meetings with the Body of Christ. We need to be reminded of the matchless gift we have that in this Faith, we get to have conversation with the Living Founder!

Seek it, friends! Long for the drawing close. He’ll meet you. Set time aside and keep it! Always have a notebook and pen. Begin with worship, whether it be through music or the reading of a Psalm aloud or by simply telling Him how awesome He is. Whatever you do, be still. Quiet yourself. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to concentrate. When your grocery list comes to your mind and all the things you have to do that week, write them down! God is helping you be organized. He will order your thoughts and even help you to remember, in this time, things that are important that you may have forgotten. I used to feel so guilty about not being able to concentrate during my prayer time. I’d try to focus only to return to my lists. But I have learned that God even cares about all those little details and doesn’t want me to try to push it away in my own strength. Honour those thoughts, ideas and lists to get them off your mind.

Next, if it helps, picture Jesus. It can be a picture of Him with you in your home or perhaps on the Sea of Galilee or on a hillside. This is just to help you focus your thoughts on Jesus. Then, you can write a question to God. He actually wants to answer it! Wait for His answer. God speaks to us through our spontaneous thoughts. Let the Holy Spirit flow and write down whatever you “hear”. Don’t doubt it. Don’t fear that it’s your own thoughts. Another thing I’ve learned is that we can shut down the flow simply by doubting it. Just write. You can always go back later and check what you’ve “heard” and test it against Scripture. If what the Lord has been whispering to you lines up with His Word or His character, then you can believe He really did speak all of those things to you! How exciting!

Now, I’ve always known this. Have you? Practicing the beautiful dance of communication with God has been half-hearted, short and choppy with me, to say the least. I’m sure I’ve stepped on His toes many a time! However, I long for a deeper connection now and I’ve discovered that if we honour Him with our time, He promises to be there and to reciprocate. It’s what He has designed us for! The words He has spoken to me have left me reeling in my mind as to why I haven’t been giving more of my time to Him. Ask Him friends, ask Him your most pressing questions. Ask Him what you don’t need in your day. Ask Him how He wants you to approach that unsaved loved one. Ask Him how much He loves you. God wants to share His thoughts with you (Psalm 139:17)! He doesn’t take pleasure in sitting back and watching us try to figure it all out on our own. He says, “Come to me all you who are heavy with burdens and I will give you rest.” He says, “Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.” He even speaks to His people in visions and dreams. And why not? Did He not create our minds for this capacity? What else is our dreaming for? Why wouldn’t He communicate with us by using an intricate part of us that can be used for His utterances? All of life belongs to Him and points to Him. Every part of us is for Him.

So, wait on the Lord, journal what He tells you and digest it. Soak it in. It’s in this relationship that He can save your day, your marriage, your friendships, your motherhood, your life. Enjoy continuing to draw close and I pray that we may all grow wiser, full of joy and peace as we move into a new month and season with all we’ve learned together. God bless you.

About the Author:

Heather Vanderkruk is married to a patient man who showers his family with affection every day. She home-educates their four energetic children, which is the most important career she’s occupied to date. Amidst laundry, math, and a prayer ministry for hurting women, Heather makes the most of her mountain-top experiences with the Lord, in order to do combat in the valley. Find more of Heather’s writing at http://heathershomewardjourney.blogspot.com/

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