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Tell Me Something Good | Reality Check

By Lorraine Walker

I was in the middle of one of those times in life where things seem pretty bleak. No new crises, but just trying to find my way through tough situations that seemed to hit from every side. I find it hard to see the half-full glass at the best of times and this definitely was not one of those times.

God has blessed me by bringing people into my life who are not like me. Yes, this can cause conflict, but since I am a realist bordering on a pessimist, I need positive, Tigger-like personalities around me to help temper the Eeyore side of my personality. One of these optimistic people works across the hall from my office and lightens my day. He also tends to bring me a word ‘in due season’ and one of these was a newspaper clipping of how negativity is as contagious as laughter. That gave me cause for pause because I love to be around people who laugh and I love to make them laugh. I didn’t realize my occasionally dark view of things was just as infectious.

I was chatting with another friend of mine, looking for advice on how to move on in a situation I was struggling with, when I realized that my side of the conversation was entirely negative. I knew I needed to do something about my attitude, so I asked them to “Tell me something good”. They told me about a positive experience and I shared mine, and this short exchange helped lift the burden.

The Bible says we reap what we sow and that is so true. If I don’t fill my mind with positive things, what comes out of my mouth won’t be positive either. Then my negative words reinforce my thoughts and everything becomes just a little more bleak. It’s a vicious circle.

The Lord is teaching me through my friends that I need to ‘lighten up’. That doesn’t change my situations or make the circumstances any less real or important. It just means that my attitude needs to be one of faith and trust instead of doom and gloom. He has blessed me with so much, and proven time after time that He is faithful and true. Why don’t I focus on the Light instead of on the darkness?

Anyone that is working through an extended time of stress or difficulty finds it hard to keep their thoughts positive. Whether it is through illness or other major life challenges, finding the strength to make it through the long haul can deplete your resources and steal your joy. The Bible says that the ‘joy of the Lord is my strength’, and when I give Him my burden, I am strengthened. He will work through others around me to “Tell me something good”.

I pray that others making this journey will find the resources that the Lord has already placed in your life before your latest challenge even began. I pray you find the friends who will bring you laughter and lighten your load. I pray you find the peace and strength the Lord has promised. And I pray you have an answer when someone else asks you to “Tell me something good.”


undefinedBorn and raised in southern Ontario, Canada, Lorraine Walker has been interested and involved in Southern Gospel Music since the mid-80’s. As part of a ladies’ trio, she became more familiar with this style of music and the people that made it popular, and began writing occasional articles for a Canadian publication on Southern Gospel.

Known online to her internet friends as “CanChik”, Lorraine began writing a monthly inspirational article entitled “CanChik’s Corner” for www.johnlanier.com in 2002.  This column began on www.sgmradio.com in January of 2005, a popular southern gospel music radio and information website which also publishes other features and interviews with her byline.

”Reality Check” is a monthly column relating the realities of living every day as child of God. Lorraine welcomes your comments and suggestions, and you can write her at sgmradio.lorrainewalker@gmail.com

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