ARTISTS’ MEMORIES Part 1: Neil Enloe of The Couriers

As a Southern Gospel music enthusiast, there have been many artists I have enjoyed listening to, and several artists I have enjoyed talking with, in the industry. In the last few weeks, I have talked to some of my favorite people about their memories of living the life of a …Read the Rest

Pikes’ Point: Happy are the Persecuted??

  Be sure to look back to the earlier devotionals to catch up if you are a new addition. We’re …Read the Rest

SGN Scoops Top 100 for June 2015

      1     McKameys                               Pure Satisfaction 2     Bowling Family                       That’s What I Miss The Most 3     Karen Peck and …Read the Rest

2015 Creekside Update for June

Creekside Gospel Music Convention is coming soon to beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Join us as we listen to great Gospel …Read the Rest

David Staton: Can You Handle The Truth? ~Surely You Know Better!~

    ​I have always been amazed how many church people can compartmentalize their church life from how they live …Read the Rest

Mike Moran of The Torchmen: Choosing to be a Cheerleader

    I sat in the audience at Praisefest, Niagara Falls 2015, listening to Canada’s own Torchmen perform. My eyes …Read the Rest

Rick Alan King

Southern Gospel is full of talented artists who seem to slip under the glare of the spotlight, singing their way …Read the Rest

Event Planner: Dahlonega Gold – Karen Peck and New River Homecoming June 19,20/15

Lynn Mills writes Event Planner for SGN Scoops digital magazine every month. She reviews live annual concert events so fans …Read the Rest

Diamond Awards Special: 11th Hour

The 2015 Diamond Awards are swiftly approaching, and to re- acquaint you with 2014 winners, we are re-posting features from …Read the Rest

The Wilbanks: Music With A Message

By Dixie Phillips Every year at the National Quartet Convention, the gospel groups not scheduled to perform on the main …Read the Rest

David Staton: Do We Really Want To Reach The Lost?

  Ask any church member, pastor, gospel singer or evangelist why they do what they do and they’ll all tell …Read the Rest

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