In Depth With Jeff Hawes of Karen Peck and New River

The Diamond Awards are quickly approaching and will be held at Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge on November 3-6. This year, Karen Peck and New River have been nominated for several awards, including Mixed Group Of The Year, Trio Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Album …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings

Surprises…or things that we may not be ready for 1 Samuel 17   Most of us know the story of …Read the Rest

The Return Of The Hoskins Family

This is a story of “coming apart before one falls apart,” literally, and about how God has worked in every …Read the Rest

Creekside Gospel Music Convention Update

  It’s almost Creekside time!!! In less than a month, over 45 different artists and groups will congregate again in …Read the Rest

SGN Scoops Top 100 for October 2014  

  1      Karen Peck and New River        Everybody’s Going Through Something 2      11th Hour                                       How Will You …Read the Rest

SGN Scoops October Edition Features Little Willie Wynn

The air is cooler and the leaves are changing color, so it’s a great time to fall into a new …Read the Rest

Paying It Forward..

From B Yvonne and I do not have framed degrees on our walls or “capital Letters” behind our names. We …Read the Rest

A DJ Reviews New Music by Jonathan Edwards

Sunday Drive “Happy, Happy, Happy” Produced by Jeff Collins and Jeff Treece I think the title of the CD is …Read the Rest

The Fragrance of My Worship

By Paige Givens One day in my kindergarten class, a child broke out what is considered to be a great …Read the Rest

September Issue of SGN Scoops Features Jeff and Sheri Easter

Welcome to the Fifth Anniversary edition of SGN Scoops digital magazine. We have a lot of great stories to share …Read the Rest

A Pastor’s Ponderings

In Rev. 3:16, Jesus is speaking to the Laodicean church and He says, “Because you are lukewarm, I will spew you …Read the Rest

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