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Fast Five With Rachael Gill and Redeemed

  1. Fast Five With Rachael Gill and Redeemed
    Fast Five With Rachael Gill and Redeemed

    Tell us how Rachael Gill and Redeemed was formed.

After being out of the music scene for a while, I felt the Lord calling me to return to music in 2015.  This time would be different, though, because I was accepting the Lord’s call to sing only for Him. Through a divine orchestration, I met Alicia and Marty Estis, and we began to write songs together for my solo Christian album.  Two years later, Alicia and I were invited to sing at a benefit concert for a lady who was fighting cancer, and we felt compelled to go. We wanted to sing three part harmony, so Alicia introduced me to her friend, Jenny Stork. There was only time for one practice before the concert, but from the first moment we sang together, our voices connected, and we knew something very special was happening.  Scott Washam of Day Three was also performing at the concert and invited us to sing at the 2017 Alabama Quartet Convention, which he co-hosts annually with Day Three’s Amy Dunnam. As the Lord ordered our steps, what was intended to be a solo project suddenly became a female trio. It was all part of God’s master plan, and we are blessed to be on this journey together for His glory. (Rachael)


  1. I hear you are releasing a new song to radio in March. Tell us about your single and why you chose that one.

The song is called “Resurrection and The Life.”  It tells the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead as recorded in the book of John.  This song explains not only how Jesus physically resurrected Lazarus from the dead, but also how we as believers have this resurrection power residing inside us once we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  Even if we die, we are still living in Christ.


We chose this song because we believe it’s the right song for the right time.  In John 11:25, Christ said, “He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” He is the Resurrection!  He is the Life!  Today is the day of salvation, and we want to share the gospel with the world.


  1. If someone would like to book your group or buy a cd, how could they go about doing that?

For bookings, we can be reached through our website (rachaelgillandredeemed.com) or contacted directly at rachaelgillministries@gmail.com.  CDs and music downloads are available through our website, and we also have a facebook page where we share news and upcoming events.


  1. Share your testimony?

Rachael’s Testimony

My testimony is one of grace.  My story is basically one of a prodigal daughter. I grew up in church, and as a child, I knew the Lord had a call on my life for music ministry. At the age of eighteen, I studied music at Belmont University and worked in the music industry.  I recorded on music row, did professional demo singing, wrote songs, and performed at Opryland. However, in spite of my church upbringing, I thought I knew more than God. Through a series of bad choices, I took paths that led me down some dead end roads.  After several failed relationships, I found myself sick, broke, abandoned, and alone as a single mother with huge obstacles to overcome. In the midst of this darkness, God spoke to me and reminded me of His plan for my life. It is a true miracle that I am where I am today; I am using my talents to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I have learned first-hand that even though we may fail Him, God never fails us. More than 20 years later, He has restored and redeemed me to His original purpose for my life. God is faithful!


Alicia’s Testimony

I was very blessed to grow up in a home with parents who were fully committed to God. I remember that special tug at my heart when the Lord called me to the alter when I was in sixth grade. He was so very real to me, and I made promises to Him that I was determined to keep no matter the price. In my youth, I watched my friends go in and out of church; it really burdened my heart to see the consequences of sin impact the lives of people I loved. I began working with the children and youth when I was in high school, and God united me with a young man who shared my passions.  Now, as youth pastors and parents to four beautiful children, we have grown together in the Lord, and our desire is to inspire children to have a deep relationship with Christ. One of the ways we have connected with children is through music. Sitting down at my grandmother’s piano, I look out the window at the beauty God has surrounded me with, and I am overwhelmed; tears fall as words fill the page and melodies evolve. I feel an urgency to share what He has given us and want everyone to experience what I feel. I want more of Him! I want to always be sensitive to His spirit and go where He leads me.

Jenny’s Testimony

I love to share my testimony because it really brings glory to God. None of my grandparents knew the Lord.  In fact, my grandfather was an atheist who was very abusive to his family. My uncle was introduced to heroin in San Francisco, but he was saved and delivered by the grace of God. He was the tool God used to witness to my mom, who was miraculously saved when I was eight months old. Just a few days later, she found herself alone at a bus stop late at night and prayed for help.  God showed Himself strong in her life. Because of her commitment to Christ, I was raised in church and spared the scars of deep sin. God has proven Himself to be faithful in my life countless times. He is truly a friend who sticks closer than a brother, and I am blessed to serve Him through music.


  1. What are some goals for 2018 for the group?

This year, our desire is to draw closer to God and continually seek His will for the group. We all have children and families, and this ministry requires sacrifices. We know that without God’s anointing, we are just entertaining, which is neither our focus nor our desire.  Our purpose is to share our music solely for God’s glory. We want to minister to the lost as well as the body of Christ in song and through the words of our testimonies. Recently, God has poured out upon us some new songs that usher in a spirit of praise to His name. We have been recording tracks and laying vocals for a worship album that we plan to complete this year.  Over the last few months, we have been embraced by the southern gospel community in a way that we never expected, and doors have opened that only God could have pushed. We are really excited to be on this journey together with the same heart and purpose, and we look forward to going where God leads us this year.

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