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United Voice to debut in Damascus, Arkansas

United Voice
United Voice
United Voice

You may soon be seeing a new group appearing in your area, although chances are you’ve already heard one or more of these men before…

Jeremy Ballinger, Chris Bennett and Mike Franklin come together as United Voice.

Jeremy lives in the Dyersburg, Tennessee area and many will know him from the trio, Under Grace, where he sang lead for 17 years. His first full-time singing job was a three year run with the Brashears.

You’ll know Chris from his days as baritone for Southern Heritage Quartet for eight years and N’Him for 15 years. Chris now resides in the Springhill, Arkansas area.

Mike sang tenor for the Melody Boys Quartet for 21 years, a solo ministry for eight years and most recently for Southern Sound Quartet. He’s lived in Jacksonville, Arkansas for many years.

Jeremy, Chris and Mike bring their years of experience together to share the gospel in one United Voice.

Their website will be active soon but you can already find them on FaceBook here  and on Twitter here.

The debut service for United Voice will be Sunday, June 4th at Sardis Church at 5:00 PM. We’d be honored for you to join us.

Sardis Church is located at 4141 Hwy 124 E in Damascus, Arkansas. For more information you may contact Pastor Wesley Watts at 501-472-5587.

To schedule United Voice at your church or event, contact Chris Bennett at 901-825-0395.

Stay tuned for updates from United Voice!

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