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SGN Scoops digital magazine presents the Top 100 Southern Gospel songs for December 2014.



1    Kingsmen      Oh Yes I Am

2    Old Paths      Love Them To Jesus

3    Legacy Five      Christ Is Still The King

4    Karen Peck and New River      Everybody’s Going Through Something

5    Brian Free and Assurance      Unashamed

6    Shellem Cline      Dinner With Jesus

7    Perrys      I Can Trust Him

8    Tim Livingston      I Just Miss You

9    Kingdom Heirs      Joys Of Heaven

10  Bowling Family      I Know Enough

11  Primitive Quartet      Empty Me Lord

12  Joseph Habedank      Never No Never

13  Porter Family      It Won’t Be Today

14  McKameys      There Is Jesus

15  Talleys      Hidden Heroes

16  Terry Collins      Some Things Never Change

17  Dunaways      Church In The Kitchen

18      Williamsons    It Was The Word

19  Zane and Donna King      No One Like God

20  Soul Vision      When We Step Inside

21  11th Hour      How Will You Plead

22  Dennis Cook      Crying In The Chapel

23  Brian Free and Assurance      Say Amen

24  Greater Vision      For All He’s Done

25  Keith Barkley and Family Tradition      It Will Pass By

26  Booth Brothers      If God Didn’t Care

27  Hyssongs      Still Blessed

28  Tony Burchette      We’ll Soon Be Gone

29  Social Security Boys      I’m Not What I Was

30  Lore Family      It Shall Be Well

31  Bev McCann      Through The Thunder

32  Ernie Penty      Jim Got Saved Tonight

33  Mylon Hayes Family      Prayer Meeting

34  Wilbanks      Song Of Thanksgiving

35  Michael Wayne Smith      Changed By Your Grace

36  Hoskins Family      God Is Big

37  Hyssongs      I Was Blind But Now I See

38  Carolina Boys      Watch And Pray

39  The Gospelaires      Miracle

40  Master’s Voice      He Saved Me Anyway

41  Ernie Haase and Signature Sound      Water Walking God

42  Tribute Quartet      Everything I Need

43  Nelons      Do Unto Others

44  Wilburn and Wilburn      Help Me

45  Steeles      Eternally

46  Poet Voices      He Saw Me

47  Jim Brady      He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away

48  Brothers Redeemed      If It Had Not Been

49  Lori Jonathan Trio      What A Precious Friend

50  Mark Bishop      Pray On The Little Days

51      Wisecarvers    One Prayer At A Time

52  Bledsoes      That’s What’s So Amazing

53  Freemans      The Last Time I Looked

54  Jim Sheldon      Even After

55  Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call      At The Bottom Of The Hill

56  Greater Vision      The Blood Hasn’t Ever Changed

57  Isaacs      I Wanna Be There

58  Gordon Mote      Ain’t It Just Like The Lord

59  Whisnants      Not Afraid To Trust Him

60  Big Mo and Chosen      More Like You

61  Murray Family      Near To Thee

62  Rochesters      God’s Been Good

63  Crimson Ridge      Hand On The Plow

64  Mercy’s Well      I Wanna Hear The Gospel

64  Hoskins Family      Land Of Endless Tomorrows

66  East Ridge Boys      He’s Leaving His Throne

67  Guardians      He’ll Welcome Me

68  Calebs Crossing      Made To Be

68  Primitives with Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion      When I Get Home

70  Mark Trammell Quartet      Don’t Stop Running

71  Josh and Ashley Franks      He Promised Me

72  Browders      Lift Up His Name

73  Michael Frost Trio      Author And Finisher

74  Kingdom Heirs      I’ll Know I’m Home

75  Mark Bishop      Love’s Gonna Get You

76  John Bowman      Have Your Way

77  Georgia      Under Grace

78  Karen Peck and New River      Revival

79  Crystal River      The Pastor

80  New Hearts      He Will Deliver

81  Kevin and Jennifer      He’s Still Doing Miracles Today

82  New Vision      Faith Steps Out Of The Boat

83  Undivided      I Trust You Lord

84  His Mercies      Bound

85  Pacesetters Quartet      Let Me Touch Jesus

86  Page Trio      I Surrender

87  Rita Broyles      Looking Through The Bars

88  Georgia      We Have A Hope

89  Calebs Crossing      What I’m Made To Be

90  Heavenly Sunrise      Jesus Is Coming

91  Barry Rowland and Deliverance      God Has Been Good To Me

92  Phillips Family      Somewhere In The Shadows

93  Eternal Vision      New Man

93  Browns      Place In The Choir

93  Joys      Revival Comes To Town

96  Triumphant Quartet      This Blood

97  Jesse Reece      My Life

98  Sunday Drive      Just Another Stone

99  Jay Parrack and Vocal Event      Sometimes He Whispers

100      Zane and Donna King      If There Was Any Other Way


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