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By Sandi Duncan Clark

aaron and amanda cdCoastal Media, parent company of SGNScoops and SGMRadio, is the proud host of the annual Diamond Awards held at Creekside Gospel Music Convention. In October 2013, Aaron and Amanda Crabb were honored at the Diamond Awards, winning the 2013 Duet Of The Year. SGMRadio is proud to highlight the ministry of Aaron and Amanda Crabb with a republication of this 2013 SGNScoops feature written by Sandi Duncan Clark, Features Editor of SGNScoops. To vote for the 2014 Diamond Awards, click on to http://www.sgnscoops.com/2014-diamond-awards/ . Nominations for the 2014 Top Ten winners in each category are now closed. Voting will resume in April 2014.

As a new convert, coming to understand God’s amazing ways and His Love for us takes time as we grow in the truths of His Grace and Mercy. In a recent conversation, Aaron Crabb introduced us to a new album from him and his wife, Amanda, titled MERCY. This treasure, just released, is filled with powerful songs that will bring one face to face with God’s mercy!

Aaron Crabb surrendered to God for the ministry during the Crabb Family’s years together. He sang lead and played bass in the band. To catch up with him now and hear the depth of his love for God and what God has allowed him and his wife to accomplish in the ministry they share is uplifting and heartwarming. Always busy for God, this young couple wrote or co-wrote six of the 11 songs on the new album. The simplicity of each message comes from their personal experiences with God.

Aaron eloquently shared his thoughts on the album, its theme and how it all came about, when we spoke with him from Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. “When Amanda and I begin to work on a project, we pray about the songs, and what we want to say,” Aaron said. “With this new album, the songs just came together. Dad {Gerald Crabb} sent us a song titled “If I’m Guilty” and when we listened to it, we were both moved. Some of the words are, “…if I’m guilty, let me be guilty of too much mercy.” It talks of seeing faults in others when we have needs of our own. As we address the problems in our situations, we can better extend mercy and grace to others whose paths we cross, and who need to be reminded that they are still worthy of God’s love and forgiveness,” Aaron explained. 

“All our lives we walk in mercy. We don’t always recognize that, but then we come to realize that He will never leave US nor forsake US. It’s all about where we are with Him. There are always gonna be times when you feel forsaken, lonely and unloved, but there’s one thing for certain; God’s love is a constant, it’s always there for us,” he contended. Aaron and Amanda two

Aaron continued “That leads us to another song, ‘‘Take Him to the Place.” There are things that happen in each of our lives that sometimes we feel we can’t overcome, can’t deal with, and could never share with anyone. There are complexities that will push us so far down that we don’t feel that God will ever bring us through,” Aaron remarks.

“Amanda grew up in an abusive home. She was abused in so many ways that she drew it into herself; she wouldn’t share it with anyone and even after two years of marriage, she couldn’t share it, even with me. She compares her need to hide this to the story of Lazarus, where Mary tells Jesus, ‘If you’d have been here, this wouldn’t have happened, and Jesus said to Mary, ‘Take me to the place where you have laid him…’ Then Mary said ‘but it’s been three days, and he stinks.’”

“Amanda’s freedom came when a lady saw Amanda at our product table one night and said she needed to speak with her. They went out behind the nursing home and the lady told Amanda everything about Amanda’s young life… Amanda didn’t know the lady, and the lady didn’t know Amanda, yet God had revealed everything to this lady.” 

“Amanda was astounded and took it to God in her prayer closet. She prayed for several days. She began telling God all about the abuse and all the issues she was harboring. She took God to that place in her heart, the place of all the hurt and agony, and God released her from it. Amanda said that after that night, she was able to completely turn loose of the feelings and forgive the people who hurt her, and she felt new and whole,” Aaron finished.

aaron and amanda children“Amanda hadn’t been able to write a song in a while; she felt barren in her spirit, apart from the things she knew God wanted her to do,“ Aaron said. “Amanda and I were the leaders of our group on a trip to Israel and we were at the Western Wall. She went to pray, writing her request for a touch of God on a slip of paper, and putting it in the wall. As is custom with the Jewish people, Amanda backed away from the wall, praying a simple prayer for God to let things inside her live again, and almost instantly God began giving her ‘Take Him to the Place!’ She continues to write anointed Spirit-filled songs.” 

The listener will definitely relate to the song; the message of God’s forgiveness is there, penetrating every word and note. We should be hearing “Take Him to the Place” on Christian/Gospel radio and the challenge to you is to listen closely to the words and let God work in your life, as you give your needs to him.

A personal favorite of this writer from the album is “Something’ ‘bout Love.” Aaron shared, “Our friend Sue Smith co-wrote this one, and what a fine song!” The music is unique and the melody is contagious; you’ll enjoy this song and you’ll sing along! The song was written by Sue C. Smith, Lee Black and Jason Cox. Some of the words go like this:

Group of people standing ‘round talking ‘bout

how the Lord had changed their lives

One a cripple, one a leper, one a beggar and one

man been born blind

Testifying ‘bout the day Jesus came into their lives

and gave them happiness

I don’t remember what I heard word for word, but

I do remember this

It was somethin’ ‘bout love, somethin’ ‘bout grace,

somethin’ ‘bout hope to chase your blues away

It was somethin’ ‘bout a cross, somethin’ ‘bout a

grave, somethin’ ‘bout a Savior and the way He saves

Oh they sang me a song about Jesus, and all the

wonderful things that He does

It was somethin’… somethin’ ‘bout Love. *


Writers Lee Black, Michael Foridnal and Kenna West collaborated on “I’m Learning,” a song shipped to mainstream country music. It has a down to earth message and beautiful melody. “It really speaks to every one of us. When we think we’ve learned it all, only God can see what’s down the road and we just have to let Him lead,” Aaron said of this song. “We’re learning about life as we live it. We’re learning about the things that really matter, things that are important—like family—and things that are not. We all need to remember that someday, this world will be gone and all that will matter is God!” 

Speaking of family, Aaron and Amanda have three children who bless their lives; Eli who is 8, Eva who is 6 and their little one, Ean who is 2. “I aaron and amanda fourcall them my three little ‘Es’, Aaron said with a smile creeping into his voice, “I’m waiting till Ean gets a little older and I want to teach them to sing together as a trio. Eva goes around singing now and the other day I even heard her singing harmony. They all love music.”

Aaron updated us on an accident which brought the entire Gospel music community to its knees for this family, a while ago. “We are so blessed! That was an accident that could have turned out a lot different, but praise God, we still have our sweet Eva!”

The accident we’re speaking of happened on April 23rd, 2009. Aaron and Amanda were nominated for a Dove Award, and were at the ceremony, when Amanda received a message on her phone. Eva had fallen and they needed to be at the hospital immediately. 

“That’s the kind of message that panics a parent,” Aaron picks up the story. “She had fallen out of a window at our babysitter’s; a second-story drop, and landed on the top of her head. She had a bad head wound and a gash on her lip. We even beat the ambulance to the hospital; Amanda said I was driving 120 mph.” He recalled,” I parked and I ran so hard and fast that my legs ached for four days.”

“Amanda had called back to our family at the auditorium and asked Jason to pray for Eva,” Aaron recalled. “I found out later that Donnie McClurkin, who was emceeing the Dove’s heard about the accident, just stopped the program and brought everyone to God in prayer for Eva.”

“She was bleeding badly and so upset that the medicine they gave her didn’t calm her, it only made her more agitated. We didn’t know what was taking place and she was frantic. They did a CT and then brought her back to the room. The nurses had to bind her hands so they could work on her, Aaron recalled. “She told us to take those ‘seat belts’ off of her! Amanda started singing “We Fall Down” and Eva fell silent. They turned down the lights and she just fell asleep.” 

Aaron finished, “The CT later showed that she had no severe internal injuries, and no brain damage, but a mild concussion. Now you would never know that it actually happened, she’s a tough little girl, and she will even tell you that Jesus was in the room with her after she fell.” 

Canton Junction
Canton Junction

With three children, both parents who minister with their music ministry, as well as full-time at the church, Aaron and Amanda have a mighty hectic life. “As busy as it gets sometimes, we have to just go home, shut the door, put the phones away and have family time,” Aaron stated. “We play games; watch a movie or do something fun with the kids. We always plan a week or so of vacation and take them to the beach or some other place they love. After all, God trusted us with them, and we want them to grow up in a healthy environment, knowing and loving the Lord, and knowing they are loved. They have so many activities at our church that keep them busy as well.”

“Amanda and I are privileged to work with Rev. John Hagee at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. My position here is Worship Leader and I help with all the music in other capacities. Along with mine and Amanda’s music ministry, I sing lead with the new quartet, Canton Junction.”

“Amanda works with the Naomi and Ruth ladies group, which is a mentoring group where the Naomi’s (mature Christian women,) mentor the younger ladies who are just starting their families and starting a walk with God,” Aaron commented. “Amanda works with a number of other activities at the church. She participates in all the television and filming we do here, doing makeup and hair. We have been blessed to work with some of the godliest people in a wonderful church whom we love and show us great love,” Aaron concluded.

Crabb Family
Crabb Family

Aaron and Amanda Crabb do a variety of concert dates. “We work dates of our own as a duet. I also join Canton Junction for all of Pastor Hagee’s conferences all across the country. Whenever the Crabb Family has a reunion, we also are a part of that,” Aaron said laughing exhaustedly. “No complaints, just extremely happy to be busy for the Lord!” 

One of Pastor Hagee’s conferences is coming up on June 28th in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Florida Theater. Pastor Hagee will be preaching, Aaron and Amanda will be singing, along with Canton Junction. Check this and other exciting dates where you can be a part of Aaron and Amanda Crabb’s music ministry at www.facebook.com/aaronandamandacrabb  or www.differencemedia.org.

aaron and amanda threeIn 2007 when the Crabb Family retired, many wondered where this anointed family would be; what would they do? Would we ever hear them sing again? Obviously there was no need to have been concerned! All the Crabb family members are busy for the Lord, making music and ministering to the world with the songs God gives them, their lives, and their testimonies. As God moves in His wondrous ways in the lives of Aaron and Amanda Crabb, they continue to be open to His will. And as we enjoy this new album, we learn more of God’s outstanding Mercy.

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Written by Sandi Duncan Clark

Sandi Duncan Clark

Sandi grew up in Greenville, South Carolina where her father was a staunch Baptist minister. She and her siblings supported their father’s ministry by singing and playing instruments in church. Those early years formulated her love for and desire to be a part of Southern Gospel music. Sandi has been a journalist in the Southern Gospel music industry for more than thirty years. Her love for the music has allowed her to work with many of our heroes of the past, as well as current headlining artists. It is her greatest joy to contribute to the ministry of those who serve the Lord singing Southern Gospel. With her husband, Cliff, Sandi makes her home in Easley, S. C., where she attends Westwood Church and does volunteer work. She recently retired from Macy’s Department store after twenty seven years of retail. Sandi enjoys gardening, reading, writing and spending time with her son, Jeff and new daughter-in-law, Amanda.