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Israel 2In our Sunday school class we’re studying on the life of the Apostle Paul. It’s rich and deep. I suggest that if you have not studied him, you should.

In Acts 20:2 -3 it says that the Apostle Paul went to Greece, and was there three months…(my paraphrase) after spending over three years in Ephesus.

Now you may wonder why I chose this as this month’s devotion. There are scriptures that stick out and then there are others which you may wonder why they’re there.
Remember all scripture is given by inspiration of God…(2 Tim. 3:16).

Paul was led wherever he went by the Holy Spirit (Acts 16:7) and during his missionary trips he wrote some of the letters in the New Testament.
According to most Bible scholars, it was during these three months while in Greece that he wrote the letter to the church at Rome, or ‘Romans’, if you please.

Paul was not on vacation like some would think. Sinai mountains
This letter was different because he had not been to Rome yet, but his friends Aquila and Priscilla had and were expelled by the emperor Nero.
As most Christians know, the book of Romans is considered the constitution of Christianity. In that letter you find verses that have been the foundation of our way of life and help us on our way to Heaven, verses that exhort and give us strength for each day, as well as lead us to salvation and no doubt take us home.
So whenever you read the Bible, realize that each verse is there for a reason. God has  intent for all of it and it will not return to Him void. (Isaiah 55:8-9)





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