Song Garden Music Group Welcomes Mercy's Reign to "The Garden"!

Song Garden Music Group Welcomes Mercy’s Reign to “The Garden”!

Organized as a trio in the summer of 2011, group members use their individual rich histories in Gospel music to unite together in harmony.  The group may be young, but their experience and testimonies combine to make a program filled with great songs, tender moments, and joy that is infectious.
They have appeared on The 700 Club, been heard on the national radio broadcast Unshackled, and have performed at the National Quartet Convention.  There is an obvious light that shines through onstage, and an energy that carries them through each performance.

Song Garden Director Gus Gaches says “I met this group last year and was immediately taken by their individual personalities and ability to combine those into an amazing effort to share the Gospel thru music.  They have the talent, the sound, and an unbelievable work ethic.  But the most impassive thing to me was their heart!”

Song Garden Music Group Welcomes Mercy's Reign to "The Garden"!They have just completed their first Song Garden CD entitled “Moving On” and are excited about the doors God is opening for them.  You can find out more about this wonderful group at their website here or their Facebook page

Song Garden Music Group Welcomes Mercy's Reign to "The Garden"
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