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What are the Top 40 SGN Scoops Christian Country Songs

What are the Top 40 SGN Scoops Christian Country Songs
What are the Top 40 SGN Scoops Christian Country Songs

SGN Scoops Tops 40 March, 2018 (April Magazine)
1. Chris Golden –Less Of Me
2. Michael Lee- Ain’t That Just Like Jesus
3. McKay Project- Taking me Home
4. Lisa Daggs- Love Found Me
5. Mike Leichner- I Wouldn’t Trade America For The World
6. Chuck Hancock- One Pair Of Hands
7. Johnny Rowlett- Where I’m Going
8. Kolt Barber- Another Day
9. Ronnie Horton- Unclouded Day
10. Bruce Hedrick- Wingin It
11. Caleb’s Crossing- Someday
12. Jerry Branscomb- Hammer Down
13. Ava Kasich- The River Runs Red
14. Tina Wakefield- Over and Over
15. Debbie Bennett- The Blood He Applies
16. Ryan Watkins- Anyway The Wind Blows
17. Charlie Griffin- Cast The First Stone
18. Jeff Dugan- Dashboard Jesus
19. Mike Manuel- The One Who Holds the Pen
20. Tommy Smith- Let’s March On
21. White River- Pardon Me
22. Jim Sheldon- Old School
23. Shellem Cline- Getting In The Word of God
24. Jamie Lynn Flanakin- Free
25. Corey Farlow-If Jesus Sang Country Songs
26. Mercy Mountain Boys- Come On Back
27. Buddy Jewel-I’m There
28. Wade Phillips- Made Me More Like Jesus
29. Cami Shrock- My God Will Always Be Enough
30. Carol Barham- I Can’t Praise Him Enough
31. Debbie Seagraves- I Still Believe In Amazing Grace
32. Cindy Tikens Jennings-Let It Shine
33. Christian Davis- That’s Alot Of Praying
34. Dan Duncan- Church Out Of The Country
35. Kevin Rowe- Heaven Above
36. Les Taylor- If That Mountain Don’t Move
37.Steve Warren- Forever Kind Of Love
38. Jonathan Dale- This Is Your Now
39. Molora- The River
40. Kevin and Kim Abney- Broken Bread

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