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The McClanahans Join Lighthouse Media Group

The McClanahans
The McClanahans

(Columbia, LA)– September 12, 2016 – The McClanahans are very excited to announce that they have signed with Lighthouse Media Group, to take care of their publicity needs. They are a weekend group located in Columbia, Louisiana that currently consists of the following members: Roger McClanahan Sr. and Olga (his wife), son Roger Jr. and daughter Donna McClanahan. They have performed on stage with artists such as Jeff and Sheri Easter, The McKameys, The Martins, and The Cathedrals and sing Southern Gospel music with a Bluegrass/Country twang.

The McClanahans newest project is entitled Here We Go Again, featuring songs such as “Through The Fire,” “Say Amen,” and “God On The Mountain.”
The McClanahans’ mission statement is to sing songs about the blood of Jesus and His resurrection power, that will hopefully touch someone’s heart and lead them to knowing Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. They have had several songs to chart in Singing News charts as well as Voice magazine. You may recognize some of their hits such as: “When I Grow Up”, “Forever In My Veins”, and “Mountain of God.” They are by no means strangers to the Gospel music industry.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the great things The McClanahans will be doing in the future! Find the family on Facebook here. Look them up on their website here for photos, schedule, music and more information.
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