• Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

With the arrival of every New Year, many people use this new beginning to engage some type of change into their lives.

Whether it is to lose weight, be more loving and kind, or just improve one’s life in general, making a shift of some type in our behaviours or habits needs to be undertaken in order to effect where it is we want to go with our goals.

Funny thing about change-we can both desire it and resist it; it all depends on what the area is we are targeting and what it is we want to accomplish.

I recently took a course entitled, “Effecting Change In the Workplace” and one of the key points of the speaker was that most people in the workplace are not necessarily afraid of change, but simply want to be a part of the process that helps bring it about.

Yet often times in life in general, change can be foisted upon us with little or no notice and all of a sudden we can feel quite disempowered by what is going on around us.

Sometimes in our walk with God this can be very true as well!

Things may seem to be going relatively smooth when all of sudden some unexpected event can creep up on us without us ever seeing it coming.

A relationship breakdown, an “out of the blue” financial hit or, a loss in life of some type that can leave us feeling very vulnerable to the winds of change and we are sometimes left wondering why God would ever allow this to happen to us.

One thing I’ve come to realize in this earthly journey is that God is not so much interested in making us comfortable in our circumstances as much as he is in seeing us mature.

That whole process of spiritual maturity can be a tough one to embrace at times, but the reality is that God often introduces change of some type to make it happen.

God and change are the two constants in life we can expect along with death and taxes I guess as the old saying goes!

Death we don’t need to worry about as Jesus already has conquered that by his resurrection from the dead and paying taxes of course mean we have some kind of income to spend which many people around the world don’t have the privilege of enjoying such a blessing in life.

As you begin the New Year and look at what changes need to be made in your life,  rest assured that the unchanging God will be with you as you go, whether it’s changes you make, or changes He decides is best for the maturity of our lives!


Victor works as Director For Community Services with Mission Services Hamilton in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a former pastor/officer working for The Salvation Army from 1987-2010. He enjoys creative writing, workouts at the gym and being a dad to his two adult children.