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SGN Scoops Magazine has teamed up with Gregg Gray, Dr. Bill Dykes, and Paradise Tours and Travel to host a one-of-a-kind vacation that will feature major artists on the All American Gospel Music Cruise slated for February 4, 2012.

The cruise features five days and nights of Gospel music with host, Dr. Bill Dykes, co-host and magazine publisher, Rob Patz, and the following speakers and ministers: Dr. Rudy Holland, Pastor Jeff Perkins of the Sonmen, and Pastor Matt Holman.

A phenomenal talent roster puts this cruise at the top of the 2012 “to-do” list for many Southern Gospel music fans across the country. The line-up: The Nelons, Three Bridges, Palmetto State Quartet, the Tackett’s, Master’s Voice, Forgiven, the Shirey’s, the Mark Dubbeld Family, the Sonmen, Steve Doan, ‘Tank’ Tackett, Three Redeemed, Dr. Bill Dykes, and more.

Gregg Day, Partner with Paradise Tours and Travel, says, “I am more excited about the All American Gospel Music Cruise than just about anything we’ve done. This is an incredible value for Gospel Music fans everywhere. There is a perfect combination of nationally-prominent artists, regional artists, and world-class speakers like Dr. Rudy Holland and Pastor Matt Holman.What a great way to take a break from the winter cold; a cruise to the Bahamas where you can refresh your body, mind, and spirit. There’s something for everyone and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Remember, the earlier you book, the more you’ll save.”

Dr. Bill Dykes adds, “I believe that the first annual All American Gospel Music Cruise will prove to be one of the greatest cruises in our history! ‘Why,?’ you my ask. So, let me tell you; AAGMC not only has some of the greatest Gospel music artists of our time, (i.e. PMSQ, Nelons, Three Bridges, Masters Voice The Tackett’s) to name a few, we also have some of the greatest speakers and authors in the history of Christianity! We will have Gospel music karaoke for everyone each evening, plus a ship-wide Scavenger Hunt. Partnering with the nation’s leading online magazine, SGNScoops.com and owner, Rob Patz, gives us a great opportunity to touch so many people that are looking for something special and different to do for a vacation. This is not just any cruise; it is aimed to not only feed and bless you, but allow you to have more fun than you can imagine on a Gospel music cruise! We have18 groups and speakers, and we are setting sail for the high seas! Don’t let this one pass you by! We look forward to seeing you there!”

Rob Patz, President and CEO of Coastal Media Group, located in Bellingham, WA, says, “I am so excited to be teaming with this fine group of industry leaders and some of America’s favorite recording artists and beloved speakers. Gregg Day and Dr. Bill Dykes both bring a wealth of resources and creativity to the cruise. This will be a family-friendly and fun-filled event with music-related activities for children and adults, alike, with back-to-back concerts, food, and Christian fellowship in the beautiful Bahamas. I truly believe this is going to be one of the most exciting Gospel events of 2012!”

For more about the All American Gospel Music Cruise:
www.ParadiseToursAndTravel.com or 888.495.7828

More on Dr. Bill Dykes: www.BillDykes.org

More on Coastal Media Group:

Coastal Media Group has realized much success in the last two years with the acquisition of the Diamond Awards, Southern Gospel Stage, and the development of the Diamond Awards on Tour concert series. As the company added these unique music ministry exposure opportunities to its already established syndicated radio program, SGM Radio, the SGNScoops fan-base skyrocketed to well over a million readers, garnering it awards and making it one of the fastest growing digital Gospel Music magazines in the industry.