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 Hey everyone!! I hope that you are all enjoying your everyday lives, no matter how crazy and chaotic they might be! It’s spring time although for most of us, we are still battling this cold weather; let’s just keep focusing on spring and the sunshine; we can’t go wrong thinking positively! If you haven’t heard the birds chirping outside your window yet, you will soon! It’s staying daylight out longer now so there are no complaints from me with that, except of course the time change that came along with this change! This time change has just been treacherous this year. It’s like we jumped ahead three hours and lost hours of sleep! Nevertheless, spring time is a time of a refreshing and a renewing of our mind, body and soul. That alone is something to be grateful for.

~’Happy 8th Anniversary’ to sgmradio.com!!  Thank you Rob, for following your dreams and creating such an amazing site for all to be blessed by!  I’m so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful ministry for the Lord!~

So many times during our lives, we have people pass through that have a negative impact on us. Whether this be from a relationship, co-workers, family, etc., we still have to deal with situations and people that can bring on stress, cause us worry, cause us to lose trust in others, damage us emotionally, allow us to feel unappreciated and just cause undue negativity in our lives. It’s unfortunate, but this is a part of our everyday lives at times.

I think that I can say that without a doubt, we have all endured a situation with a person whom we have loved and cared about, but who has brought us down in every aspect of our lives. When you have a big heart and are a giving and optimistic person, at times, that even gets taken advantage of. Why is that? Well, because some people can zoom in on this compassionate component of others and use it to manipulate the other person. That might sound harsh, but take a moment and think about your everyday life. Have you been through this type of situation? Most of us have and during these times, we can get so upset, so aggravated, feel like everything is going wrong and feel like we are so alone; but we are not alone. God takes care of His children and we have to put our trust in God and believe this.

When we endure so many trials, it’s like our minds get overwhelmed and we just don’t understand why God is not moving immediately and we wonder if God knows how we are being wronged and being treated negatively. I can tell you from my own experiences, yes, God knows. God knows each step that we are going to take in our paths of life and He knows what trials we are going to endure. With that said, God allows us to go through some of these trials and struggles to become closer to Him and so that we learn to put our complete trust in Him.

We feel at times in our everyday lives when we endure these struggles that we have no way out and we wonder why these people are able to continue to do what they are doing. I have a few powerful, strong and loving words that give us freedom from these chains and that can change a life: ~vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord~ Those words are truly some of the most powerful and true words that we can live by in our lives. We all reap what we sow; that is God’s own words and they are powerful as well. God will handle those who have negatively tried to impact our lives continuously. We have no control over these negative people who thrive on bringing us down but our God has all control and all power! Wow! I am shouting joyful praises over here!

Everything is in God’s time and He knows when it’s time to answer our prayer in the way He knows if best for us. If you think about all of this, it really can bring you some much deserved peace. Some of us endure more struggles than others, but nothing that we ever go through is in vain. Some may struggle more so they can help others. We don’t know all the answers, but we do know that we serve a mighty God who is a just God! We serve a God who is with us as we endure mountains in our lives. Even though we can’t see the peek, we can’t see the top of the mountain, God can. Remember, that’s no mountain for a climber, when the maker of the mountain, is standing by us. Now that, my friends, is just phenomenal and soothes my soul!

I hope that as you read this, you feel inspired to give it all to God and that you know that you can climb those mountains in your life with God by your side. Life isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be, but we can live our everyday lives to the fullest no matter what comes our way when we put God first and we trust in Him.


That’s No Mountain

I looked at that mountain that stood in my way

Would this be my last climb, would this be my fate?

How my heart beat so fearful, what challenge awaits

But, strength rose up in me, God’s power and grace

That’s no mountain for a climber I know what awaits at the peak

Jesus is there watching over, to see if his help I need

He makes sure that his dear precious children

don’t fall by the trial so steep

That’s no mountain for a climber,

When the maker of the mountain is standing by me

I beheld all the footprints that had been there before

Up through the cliffs and the rocks til’ I could see them no more

And, I wondered what brave ones would challenge such feat

God said “It’s the saints, child, that’s gone on before thee”

~The above is a powerful song called ‘~That’s No Mountain~, written by Gerald Crabb.  Gerald’s son, Jason Crabb delivers this song with powerful passion and a true anointing~

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” ~Romans 12:19

Many Blessings!!

<3 ~Christina~ <3

~by ~ christina ~ everyday life~

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