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Every Nation~Great Day Of Service: Show Someone Jesus!

By Dora Pop

“Every tribe, every tongue, every nation will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Its hard to believe we are five months into the year 2010. In the church world, it’s about time for Missions season. School is out, families plan vacations and churches plan mission trips! I’m in awe of the opportunities God has used to bring Mission work to people’s attention. With the events of Haiti, everyone wants to get on a jet plane to conduct medical clinics and food drives. In media, athletes such as Tim Tebow, born to a missionary family in the Philippines, stands strong in his faith using the platform given to him to tell people about the mighty work of Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. With everything we hear in the media, it’s no wonder everyone wants to “save the world.” But what are you doing in your community?

Each year, my home church hosts an annual Great Day Of Service. Over 900 church members and friends volunteer at over 40 locations throughout the city of Nashville mowing lawns, painting, constructing minor projects, clean up, watching children, throwing block parties, and even medical assistance. Last year was the first year we hosted this event TWICE, one in Spring and one in the Fall. The response is unbelievable. Check out this story:

The sweet “elderly” folks told me again and again how much they thought of my “children.” To 70+ year old ladies, our 20+ year old couples are children! Anywho, Mrs. Mildred, a 78 year old widow, told me that she talked to several of our young ladies and she said, “I feel better about the future of our country”. She spoke of their respect, responsibility, etc. Mrs. Mildred (the last hold-out) had never really hugged my neck. That changed Sunday morning…

In addition, as I was leaving around 2pm on Saturday, Jerry, a 45ish year old man with a “Get-r-done” sticker on his late model truck said, “I like you teacher.” Because the “Brentwood” people showed up and got “down & dirty” in the mud, the blue collar inner city Nashville folks decided “I REALLY like you.” There is real significance to this day and the work we do…

Missions doesn’t have to start over the big pond, but as soon as you step outside of your front door. I usually close by telling you the following,” Tell someone the story of Jesus. Lives will be changed and your will be one of them.” If you can’t bring yourself to tell them, SHOW them! Show someone Jesus. Lived will be changed and yours will be one of them!







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