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Dec 23, 2021

Rob Patz, owner of Coastal Media, SGN Scoops Magazine, and SGM Radio announce the acquisition and launching of a new television network, Abundant Television.

“Since the time I was little, I would hear my dad tell his congregation to take the gospel to all of the earth,” Patz stated. “This was foremost in my mind when we signed to start Abundant Television. After spending twenty-five years in radio and television, I am excited about this new opportunity to spread the gospel.”

Rob Patz of Coastal Media
Rob Patz of Coastal Media

As streaming services continue their upward trend, Coastal Media saw the potential to use technology to continue to spread the gospel. Patz explains, “I’ve always loved working in new forms of media – from starting SGM Radio as an internet station that garnered national publicity to having the first digital magazine in Southern Gospel and now the launching of a digital television network. As television continues to evolve, we believe that this is the next generation of TV viewing. Not only will we have 24 hour broadcasting, but we will also have select Video On Demand sections.”

Abundant Television will not only carry some of the great types of ministries you would come to expect on other television stations but will also carry live coverage of the Southern Gospel events throughout the country put on by Coastal Events.

Rob Patz and Coastal Events are also thrilled to announce the launch of the Abundant Conferences. “Over the last year, we’ve had the opportunity to acquire family friendly events. These will be rebranded as Abundant Conferences over the next few months. Not only will you be able to attend these conferences live, you’ll be able to share them with your friends who then will be able to watch them on their televisions, iPads, and even on their phones.”

“We are amazed at the hand of God in all of this,” says Kristen Stanton, editor of SGN Scoops. “We believe that God is going to use Abundant Television and the Abundant Conferences to change lives and grow ministries. It truly follows Rob’s vision of grass-roots Christianity by empowering people to change their local communities by living the abundant life.”

Over the next month, Rob Patz and Coastal Media will be making announcements about programming along with the team that God has put together for this endeavor.

If you are a pastor, singer or speaker and are interested in being a part of the Abundant network: please email: sales@abundanttv.com.

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