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Creekside Diaries v3: Diamond Awards 2018

Creekside Diaries v3: Diamond Awards 2018
Creekside Diaries v3: Diamond Awards 2018
Creekside Diaries v3: Diamond Awards 2018

Tuesdays at Creekside.   If you’ve ever been here, you know exactly what that means without any further explanation.

Diamond Awards 2018 at Creekside Gospel Music ConventionTuesdays at Creekside begin at 9:00 a.m. with music in the Showcase Hall, followed by the evening concert at 5:00 p.m., Diamond Awards, and Midnight Prayer. This year was no different.

Diamond Awards 2018 at Creekside Gospel Music ConventionAt 9:00 a.m. Pastor David Mathis from Living Hope Free Methodist Church in West Unity Ohio, opened the day with prayer.  Pastor Dave has been a friend to many of the Creekside artists including Hope’s Journey, Southern Raised, Mark209, and Kristen Stanton.

Diamond Awards 2018 at Creekside Gospel Music ConventionThe morning was filled with a non-stop rotation of artists which lasted until approximately 2:00 p.m.

At 5:00 Scott Roberts and the 5 o’clock band hit the stage, playing some well-loved hymns and classic gospel songs which always gears up the audience for the rest of the evening. Tuesday night featured a lineup of great artists leading into a time of singing and preaching with C.T. Townsend and his wife Becky.

Diamond Awards 2018 at Creekside Gospel Music ConventionThe atmosphere was electric and the crowd was talking well past the end of the evening about the message Townsend delivered.  The message was a great reminder that God has already blessed us with what we need, so when we feel like we have nothing left, we need to go take another look. And when we’ve done everything we can, we need not fear because God will step in.

For many in attendance, the highlight of  the evening were the Diamond Awards, hosted by Dr. Jerry Goff and Jan Buckner Goff.

Diamond Awards 2018 at Creekside Gospel Music ConventionGloryway Quartet, who won the Sunrise Quartet of the Year, were asked to open the awards show with some singing.  Justin Crank from Gloryway reported that it was an honor just to be asked to be part of the Diamond Awards.

“We didn’t think we had a chance at winning.  We just want to give God glory first and a thank you to all of our fans and family for their love and support,” said Crank.

Winning multiple awards were the Jordan Family Band with the Sunrise Song of the Year,  “This is the Day;” the Gospel Music Today Video DVD of the year, and the Sunrise Award.

Eagles Wings also took home multiple awards with the Bluegrass Gospel Song of the year, Bluegrass Gospel Female Artist of the Year, and Bluegrass Gospel Male artist of the year.

Also walking away with awards were:

The Children of the Promise –Sunrise Trio of the Year

The Williamsons — Mixed Group of the Year

C.T. and Becky Townsend – Duet of the Year

The Kingsmen—Quartet of  the Year

HighRoad – Christian Country Song of the Year

Vic Clay  — Publisher’s Choice Award

Jeff Stice – Anthony Burger Instrumentalist of the Year

Chainbreaker (Triumphant Quartet) — Song of the Year

Gerald Williams – JD Sumner Living  Legend Award

Gerald Crabb – Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year

Lottie Squires —  Paul Heil Award for Broadcasting

Robert York—Mountaintop Industry Award

The evening closed out with Exodus leading Midnight Prayer, once again centering on how prayer changes things.  God has met with us in this place. And it’s not over yet.

By Kristen Stanton

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