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Meet The Millers

ByRob Patz

Dec 26, 2016
Meet The Millers
Meet The Millers

We asked The Millers what some future goals for the group is?
Here’s what they had to say….
We always want to be a blessing to people wherever we have the opportunity to sing. Naturally, we want to see more souls saved – we also want to remind audiences and congregations that God loves them. We feel a special calling to encourage Christians and the Church. Encourage them to not give up, remind them that through our struggles and trials, God is still there, God is faithful, and God can even use broken vessels. Life is hard sometimes and Christians are no exception. Times have evolved and have seemingly become more difficult than ever before. There are so many things in the world trying to discourage and steal our joy. We try to remind audiences that God’s peace is still present despite the circumstances swirling around us. Through Jesus Christ, we can have hope and peace. Their current radio single is “I’ve Got ALOT to Thank the Lord For”

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