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A Special Note from AOK Promotion and Production

AOK Records

AOK Records
AOK Records

Angel and I want to let all of the artists who work with us, the radio stations which have blessed us with their time, and the Gospel music community know about a change that we are going through here at AOK Records, in the Southern Gospel realm.

Over the last several months, production and the label, AOK Records, has taken precedence over the radio promotions division.  The label is growing by leaps and bounds.

Furthermore, our own ministry is demanding far more time and effort; therefore, we had to cut back on something.

We feel very impressed that we need to make a major push with the artists on our label.  These artists have made long-term commitments to us.   Plainly put, if you are on our Country roster or AOK Records…nothing changes for you!

AOK, as a company, is dividing assets.  The radio promotions division, which handles radio service and bookings for independent artists which are not on the label, is being purchased by Tod and Jenny Davis.  They will operate under the name Spirit Promotions.  They have a  long running track record in Southern Gospel music as The Bread of Life Singers group and ministry which has been gaining positive exposure in the Gospel music Industry and we feel confident they will do their very best for each artist. They will be offering services like Publicity and, as mentioned above, Booking and Radio Promotions and other services in the future as the company grows.

We covet the prayers of our friends and loved ones as this transition takes place.

Adam and Angel Knight, Owners

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