• Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

The ‘C’ Note: Diet Coke – A Love/Hate Relationship

     I consider myself to be healthy. I eat healthy and exercise. During the summer, I can be found at our local high school running up and down the stadium steps. My last checkup was a success. I passed my stress test with ease! Once in a while I’ll eat a French fry and I do like a cookie now and then. There is a problem though….I LOVE diet coke!

If what I read is true, then diet coke doesn’t like our bodies. A few years back I went to our local health guru and asked him about my favorite drink. Instead of answering right away, he told me to hang on. Bill (the guru) came back with several sheets of paper with, not one, but several medical reports on the harmful effects of diet coke. There went the air from my balloon! It wasn’t just a few things, but a long list of BAD things it does to your body over time.

I began a new path! I strongly oppose unsweetened tea, so I started drinking sweet tea. This was incredible, until I consumed more than my share of sugar. I tried water….boorriing!  Since that time, I have diverted back to diet cokes. Now they are saying that, as little as one a day gives you a 61% chance for a stroke or heart attack. Wow! Lucky me.

If anyone has any suggestions on a great beverage with no side effects (besides water), I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’m banking on the 39% .

Thanks for reading the “C” Note!


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